RECAP: New York Fashion Week

Though I did not attend the actual event, my attendance did not interfere with my love for the event. As New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week have already came and went, and now Milan Fashion Week is in full-swing, I figured I would recap some of New York’s most memorable runway collections this season. Here’s a recap of some of my favorite trends, runway shows, and collections from this year’s New York Fashion Week.

  1. Marc Jacobs Ready-To-Wear Spring 2018 – According to Vogue, The Marc Jacobs’ show was completely silent. But, the collection spoke volumes to compensate for the silence, letting the audience enjoy the collection for its’ true nature. The collection was bold, incorporating a wide range of bold patterns, full of texture, as he experimented with a multitude of different materials, and incorporated retro trends and patterns. The make-up and accessories were far from unnoticeable, as he incorporated dramatic cat eye make-up, turbans, and fanny packs. The collection featured many pieces inspired by menswear, featuring many looks incorporating suits. The retro patterns and wild floral print looks were very memorable, as much of his collection utilized these trends. 

  2. Fenty x Puma Ready-To-Wear Spring 2018 – The Fenty x Puma show was a show within itself. Motorcrossers performed tricks in the backdrop of pink mountains, as the models walked down the runway. According to Vogue, the runway show was X Games inspired. The collection overall had a good flow to it from piece to piece, and the color scheme had a good cohesion. While most of the looks were sporty, the collection also included a very chic dress, which was one of my favorite looks of the collection. While this runway show was one of the most talked about and anticipated shows of the week, the collection did not suit my practical needs, as many of the pieces were a little over-the-top for me. I truly enjoyed the color scheme, as the colors were all truly visually stimulating. The collection was definitely eccentric.

  3. Michael Khors Collection Ready-To-Wear Spring 2018– The Michael Kors Collection was similarly one of my favorites, featuring models Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. The collection incorporated tons of pastels and beachy pieces, which honestly came as a surprise to me. I am a big fan of this collection, as it contains many looks that I would wear daily. The two-piece ensemble looks that were featured within the collection are some of my favorites, and I would not mind having one of them in my closet. The collection contained many bohemian pieces, as well. I loved how he also incorporated palm tree leaf prints and tie-dye into some of his looks. Kendall Jenner’s look was very simplistic, and also one of my favorites of the collection. The more I rant about it, the more I realize how obsessed I am with this tropical spring collection. The collection makes me immediately want to take a trip to Hawaii. Khors unexpectedly swooned the bohemian side of my style.

  4. Oscar de la Renta Ready-To-Wear Spring 2018 – The Oscar de la Renta’s collection was one of the most visually stimulating and playful. While I was not a big fan of the looks at the very end, which included gowns that I did not enjoy, I truly enjoyed the collections play on patterns. The beginning looks of the collection were definitely what I believe were the strongest of the bunch. The show also included Bella Hadid, whose outfit was one of my favorite ensembles of the bunch. The collection used a wide array of colors and could be seen as a little bit everywhere, as it lacked the cohesiveness that other collections had. Some of my favorite pieces and looks from the collection were the sequin pieces, specifically this red and silver sequin dress. Overall, the collection was playful and colorful.

  5. Tom Ford Ready-To-Wear Spring 2018 – Tom Ford is always been a frontrunner during Fashion week. The show this year featured both Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, who are not only some of my favorites, but a handful of other individuals. The collection was sleek, as usual, channeling a very “cool” vibe. The collection branched out experimenting with neon pink, incorporating the vibrant color into pant suits and suit jackets. He still manages to pull off the almost highlighter color, and successfully achieves the sleek, fashion-forward vibe that he always channels. My favorite part of the collection was his jackets, more of his relaxed looks, and most of his all white ensembles. I was not the biggest fan of the way he styled his model’s hair, but I did enjoy the makeup.

  6. Coach 1941 Ready-To-Wear Spring 2018– The atmosphere and environment of the Coach 1941 runway show was one of my favorites. The glittered runway stole my soul, as it perfectly complimented each and every piece of the collection. The collection itself featured many pieces within each look that I, myself, would enjoy wearing. Though I may not have paired some of the pieces the way that they were presented, I enjoyed the collection thoroughly. The collection was sophisticated, girly, featuring lace, beautiful slip dresses, and lots of glitter, and most importantly, “cool.” The collection experimented with a specific print that was translated into different pieces. I found that this collection appealed to my own personal style and aethestic.

  7. Victoria Beckham Ready-To-Wear Spring 2018 – Simplistic, yet beautiful is how I would describe Beckham’s Spring 2018 collection. The color scheme of the entire collection consisted of simplistic black and white, nude tones, and pastels, which made the collection a dream to watch. The collection had plenty of pieces inspired by menswear, full of many suits, as that was a prominent theme throughout the fashion week. Though menswear-inspired-attire were present throughout her entire collection, she still managed to make the business casual attire look chic, elegant, simplistic, and feminine. Each piece was beautifully constructed, and I enjoyed many of the “flowy” looks she had in her collection this season.

    For a more thorough recap of all the runway shows from this year’s New York Fashion Week, peep for a full front-row experience. Beyond some of my favorites, there were handfuls of exiquiste collections that were featured at this year’s Fashion Week that are readily available for your viewing pleasure.xo,

    Aichan Tewahade

Cole Sprouse’s EPIC Comeback

Okay, remember the Sprouse brothers, who starred on Disney‘s hit, The Suite Life of Zach and Cody? Well, hop back on the Sprouse board, because Cole is making an epic comeback as a photographer, model, actor. Just add it onto his long resume!

Cole Sprouse has definitely adapted and matured since his days on Disney Channel.

The epic comeback slowly began with a slow start, after a five-year break from acting, finally wrapping up The Suite Life on Deck, with his brother Dylan Sprouse and actress Debby Ryan. In 2011, the actor took his first break by attending Gallentin School of Individualized Study in New York. After a stint at New York’s prestigious school, the twin brother made a slow comeback on social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram.

The Instagram came with some backlash, as fans, or used-to-be-fans, mocked his long locks, and constant low-ponytails. Perhaps, he was having a quarter-life crisis?


It was clear that fans were not very impressed. He is now displaying darker locks with his latest, clean cut look.

After a long while of backlash, the actor finally cut the locks, began posting funny Twitter rants, and began becoming active again on social media, being praised for his funny humor and his opinionated rants.
Sprouse’s shoot with photographer Damon Baker really solidified his presence back in society, as a relevant public figure.

He also gained some audience viewership with an Instagram, which is full of his recent photography. His photography is elegant, yet has simple, minimalist look that transitions well on his Instagram feed. With his Instagram, he allows his old fans to get in touch with a different, more artistic, sophisticated side of him, displaying more than legit photographs all over his Instagram. If I were you, I would be sliding into his DM’s right now!

He completely rebranded himself in months, and now, the Sprouse brother’s are once again relevant.

You can see Cole Sprouse on CW on his new show Riverdale, where he plays Jughead.

If Cole Sprouse can turn a whole band of haters to be on his side, so can you! Maybe photography might be your key to success.


Aichan Tewahade