OOTD | Sneakin’ Around In Dresses

The first word that comes to mind when I hear the word dress is “girly.”
Ok, it could also be “fancy.”
Or even, not really up my alley.

I found myself sneaking around Boulder, Colorado in a black midi bodycon dress, paired with some baby pink sneakers.
Pairing dresses with sneakers has become a popular trend, as comfort and athleteisure has surfaced into the fashion industry.

Incorporating a pair of sneakers with a dress is normally not everyone’s first reaction, as most individuals chose to dress up their dresses with shoes that complement the dressier look, figuratively and literally.
Recently, however, style icons and members of the fashion industry have decided to go against societal norms, dismissing the notion that people cannot wear sneakers with their dresses.
Some may believe that the sneakers may take away from the dressier vibe of your dress, but in reality, the sneakers, paired with a dress, exudes a very hip, trendy, and sporty look, without having even to try. Not to mention, I would rather wear sneakers with a dress than heels – ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.

The sneaker and dress combonation works well for those who wish to dress themselves up with a dress, but are looking to “dress down” their dress, all while feeling comfortable. You no longer have to feel the pressure of finding heels, trendy shoes, dressy shoes, uncomfortable shoes, etc., when wearing any dress.
This trend has opened many doors and many barriers, including the notion that dresses cannot be worn daily, without looking over-the-top or too dressy. This trend reaffirms that there is always a cool, trendy, and hip way to dress comfortably, even with a dress on. This trend seriously promotes wearing and incorporating dresses into your daily wardrobe!
The fashion industry has finally accepted that comfortability and trendiness is achievable.

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  1. Ribbed Bodycon Cami Dress ($14.90) | Forever 21
  2. Twill Sneakers ($14.99) | H&M
  3. Charlie Metal Round Sunglasses ($16.00) | Urban Outfitters
  4. Slinky Gold Choker Necklace (SOLD OUT) | Urban Outfitters

Next time you are wanting to adventure, or even just walk around, in your cutest dress, you can do so comfortably, sporty and casually, by pairing your dress with a cute pair of sneakers.
Sneakers are the absolute best way to dress down a dress, so you never have to feel overdressed, or even uncomfortable for that matter.

It’s a sneaker kind of year, so sneak them into your outfit!


Aichan Tewahade


OOTD | Red, White & Blue

The Fourth of July attire consists of a red, white and blue color scheme. It is your job to compile an outfit consisting of these primary colors, in order to show your holiday spirit. It is just the American way!

The weather on the Fourth of July in Boulder, Colorado was quite warm, so I dressed accordingly. While I do not own any American flag printed attire, I had clothes and accessories that involved the colors of red, blue, and white.

Holidays are great opportunities to get a little playful with your outfitts, which takes the stress of feeling morally obligated to look cute. Holidays are meant to dress in spirited attire, and much less about dressing in cute, fashion-forward, and trendy outfits.
My outfit for the Fourth of July consisted of an cream colored off-the-shoulder crop top that was paired with light-wash, high-waisted, floral-printed shorts. The shorts added a playful element to my outfit, and allowed me to show a part of my personality within my outfit. I took advantage of the scarf trend and accessorized my outfit with a red paisley scarf that I tied around my neck. In order to protect my eyes from the intense sun rays, a pair of blue, circular sunglasses was incorporated into my outfit.
My black platform sneakers were the only part of my outfit that did not abide by the dress color, or the color code, of the holiday.

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  1. Smocked Crop Top ($58.00) |Free People
  2. High-Waisted Floral Print Light Wash Shorts | American Apparel (SOLD OUT)
  3. Red Paisley Print Scarf | Thrifted
  4. Kickstart Flatform Sneakers ($79.00) | Steve Madden
  5. Retro Hippie Large Round Metal Sunglasses ($10.95) | ZeroUV

I had so much fun compiling this outfit together, as it also allowed me to incorporate some of my favorite pieces from my wardrobe into one outfit. My high-waisted shorts and my red, paisley scarf are some of my favorite pieces that I do not find myself wearing enough.

Hope you had a safe and fashionable Fourth of July! I hope you also had just as much fun as your patriotic outfit!


Aichan Tewahade

Outfit Of Day | b&w

Today’s outfit consists of a b&w theme, straight to shoes.

Though it is almost June, May has been full of some rainy and colder days. This day just happened to be one of them.

My outfit incorporates one of my favorite trends of the fall and winter, a turtleneck. While I am not usually a fan of white bottoms and prefer dark wash bottoms, I decided to switch things up, pairing the dark turtleneck with a pair of white distressed jeans. To finalize the look, I wore a pair of low-top checkerboard Vans sneakers. I styled my hair into buns, to add a playful element into my outfit. Hairstyles can be one of your best accessories!

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  1. Shaker Stitch turtleneck sweater ($24.97) – GAP
  2. Distressed Ankle Skinny Jeans ($28.00) – Forever 21
  3. Vans Old Skool Checkerboard Sneaker ($60.00) – Urban Outfitters

This outfit is that I was able to pull together in a few minutes, or one of my more casual looks.
I was feeling very black and white this day, so I represented it into my wardrobe.


Aichan Tewahade

OOTD |Skirt, Skirt

Outfit Of The Day

Today was another friendly reminder that Summer is finally on its’ way, as Spring fades into the background.

It is truly time to start bringing out your best skirts and shorts to the forefront, before you find yourself sweating in your leggings and jeans.

My skirt was another thing that was no longer fading into the background. The skirt, which was purchased in a thrift store, making it a piece completely unique to me. The embroidered pattern of the skirt depicts a realistic, Egyptian-inspired imagery. It is quite obvious that the skirt, which has become one of my favorite pieces for the Summer, is the statement piece of the outfit. Patterns of all varieties have taken over the fashion industry, as people strive to show off their best prints the best way they know how to.

The rest of the outfit is far from boring, as I decide to compile an outfit fully constructed with some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. This outfit was very playful, which is fitting for the summertime. This is one of my first outfits this year that is centered around the idea of playing with patterns. They can truly make a statement, without even saying a word, as this skirt speaks for itself.

In order to uphold my favorite summertime updo, I styled my hair into two french braids, which keeps my neck cool, but keeps my outward appearance cool.

Breaking down the outfit, the outfit is primarily compromised of fairly neutral colors, in order not to overshadow and overwhelm the outfit. In addition, the outfit is fairly simple, when you break it down.

The outfit was put together around the skirt, so pairing a black crop top with the skirt seemed like the best option in maintaining the focus of the outfit on the skirt. In order to contrast the neutrality of the black crop top, I threw on a furry beige vest to complete the look. While I feared that the furry vest would be too distracting and too overwhelming for the outfit, however, the neutral cream color of the vest made it easy to work. While the texture of the vest does standout, the vest and the skirt seemingly compliment each other.
I cannot seem to escape the furry attire trend.
In opposition to the white walls and cream vest, the black lace choker was the only piece of jewelry that was used in the production of this outfit. It was very important to me that I displayed some consistency within the outfit, even if it was the utilization of black. The choker was a simple, very subtle detail that could be easily overlooked. This does not bother me, as the center piece of the outfit is the skirt.

Who needs shoes when you have sandals, am I right? Instead of pairing the outfit with a simple pair of sandals, I continued to commit to creating an outfit that incorporated fun, standout pieces.
The short length of the skirt left me with a lot of leg room left to work with. In fact, I was feeling a little naked and afraid.
Following the black trend of the crop top, I decided to adhere to the black theme by pairing this playful outfit with a pair of lace-up sandals, which were also black. Once again, the neutrality of the color of the sandals allowed for the eye-catching pair of sandals to continue to compliment the rest of the outfit, despite the exaggerated nature of the sandals.

The combination of all these articles of clothing exuded a bohemian vibe. The outfit, despite its’ bohemian nature, can easily be transitioned into an outfit fit for taking on the town with your girls. Swapping out the vest and the sandals, which keep the outfit unique and fresh, can assist in making the look easier to transition into night town.

Update and upgrade your Summer wardrobe by incorporating some of your favorite, standout pieces together to whip up an exciting, playful outfit, which Summer is all about.

As the seasons begin transitioning, the trends stay fairy similar, as various trends are manipulated, in order to accomodate the warmer weather.

  1. UO Side Lines Square-Neck Tank Top ($24.00) – Urban Outfitters
  2. Statement Mural Skirt – Thrift Store (Not Available For Purchase Online)
  3. Beige Faux Fur Vest ($19.00) – Forever 21
  4. Mix No. 6 Kaza Gladiator Sandal ($29.98) – DSW
  5. Black Lace Choker ($8.84) – Etsy

The greatest part about this outfit is that it can be warm in a variety of settings, whether the occassion, or event, be casual, semi-formal, etc.

The art displayed on the skirt is sophisticated, eye-catching, yet playful, all at the same time. I have slowly begun to develop an obsession with this recent buy, as it is the kind of skirt that can speak for itself. This skirt will be, and can be, worn in just about every situation, even if the event is considered formal. This statement piece is incredibly versatile and you can create a multitude of different looks with this one piece of clothing. It is visually stunning and one of the best purchases that I have ever made thrifting. While the skirt does not lack color, the abundance of color within the dress does not make it any less mature and sophisticated. The skirt may even be contradiction within itself, as it is both mature and youthful at the same time.

In addition to this skirt, my lace-up gladiator sandals will be just another addition to my statement pieces for the Summer. I wait all year long to get the opportunity to wear this! Similar to the skirt, the lace-up gladiator sandals are visually eye-catching and exciting, as they can be seen as a upgraded of the regular sandal. They are also incredibly versatile, as they can be paired with virtually anything.

Furry attire, while the weather may not agree with it, is a trend that I thoroughly enjoy, regardless of the weather. The furry vest that I am wearing in this outfit is a perfect example of how to transition a trend from one season to another. The answer is simple: cut off the arms of the fur clothes. The texture of furry clothes gives the outfit another element, which only adds to the excitement and visually pleasing element of the outfit. The furry vest assists in creating a personality for this outfit, as the outfit could have been styled with a different cardigan, vest, sweater, etc. During the summer, it is important that you embrace the fun and freeing side of the season, by incorporating fun accessories that do not distract from the statement piece of the outfit, but instead, it elevates the outfit all together.

What is your go-to statement piece(s) this Summer? Let me know in the comments below.

Enjoy your Summer with a hint of pattern and spunk!


Aichan Tewahade

OOTD | Cut It Out With The Stripes & Berets

Another day, another exciting outfit of the day to share with all of you beautiful people.

This outfit of the day does not fail to make a statement, as it incorporates a wide variety of statement, or otherwise playful, pieces that my closet keeps safe for me. It also incorporates a few trends that are currently surfacing the fashion industry currently, including Berets and striped pants.

While it took everything in me not to yell, “paint me like one of your french girls,” my inspiration behind the outfit originated from a stereotypical representation of a French painter, or Picasso. While the inspiration behind the outfit seems like a shallow form of inspiration, it is important to remind yourself that inspiration comes to indviiduals in even the most shallow and dense ways. Even if the inspiration comes from a stereotypical (almost offensive) and generalized concept that deems anyone of French descent, who also practices art, to be found wearing a striped piece of clothing, with a beret, to emphasize their artistic ability.
The inspiration spikes a chord for me, as the inspiration came to me from a place of ignorance and a lack of cultural relativity and awareness. An ignorant depiction of a culture often does not bring anyone many benefits, as it often results in negative reactions towards this kind of ignorance.
In this case, ignorance is NOT bliss, as it is important to recognize that the entire population of French artists do not regularly dress in striped attire and beret.

While the outfit may lack an assortment of color, it does not slack in the exciting department.

My outfit was built around my black felt beret and my black striped, high-waisted pants. In order to showcase these two pieces, it was important to me to pick pieces out of my wardrobe that followed a dark color scheme, as well as pieces that carefully complimented the outfit, rather than overwhelm the outfit.
The cutout t-shirt was my playful, eye-catching piece of the outfit. While the t-shirt seemingly steals the show, it was important that my top be playful. The playfulness of the top does not distract from the rest of the outfit, as a result of the neutral color that prevented the top from completely taking over the outfit.
The light-wash distressed denim jacket gave the outfit an edgy feel, all while giving the outfit the lightness it needed. The light wash of the jacket contrasts the rest of the outfit, which exhibits darker hues. It otherwise prevents the outfit from drowning itself out in darkness.
To polish off the look, I paired the outfit with a pair of black ankle booties, with scallop detailing. The ankle booties applies a girlier, more sophisticated element to the outfit. The scalloped edge details only further apply a girly feel to the outfit.


Shop My Look

  1. Cutout Tee Shirt ($15.00) – Urban Outfitters
  2. Tilden Pants ($60.00) – Brandy Melville
  3. Project Runway Distressed Denim Jacket ($29.50) – JC Penney
  4. Troyan Chelsea Boot ($69.98) – Steve Madden
  5. Black Beret ($15.00) – Brandy Melville

Experimenting with new and upcoming trends in our fashion industry is something that I am attempting to practice as much as possible.
This outfit channels a hip, edgy, and playful energy that is perfect for the Spring, as well as the Summer.

Beyond the fact that this outfit is otherwise “pushing my boundaries,” the aspect that I enjoyed about this outfit is that the outfit seemingly forced me to express my creativity, in the most visible way possible. The outfit took as much creativity to put together, and I believe the outfit conveys my creative abilities, my creativity, and my vision of creativity, in the most authentic way that I could possibly put together.

While the outfit was outside of my comfort zone, and my regular outfit regime, I truly felt as comfortable, confident, and creative, as I attempted to portray.


Aichan Tewahade

P.S. While Berets are French hats that originated in the Pyrenees about 400 years ago, no one in France actually wears berets (or, wears berets regularly). This is just another stupid stereotype that has surfaced within our society!

OOTD | Blacked Out On Denim

Summer is truly beginning to dawn on us, as warmer temperatures begin plaguing our lives. With the sudden rise of temperatures, our summer wardrobes and pieces gradually begin making their ways back onto our bodies.

This outfit of the day incorporates two of my favorite, most timeless trends all wrapped up into one outfit. These trends include black and denim, particularly distressed denim, which are both trends that I will never give up, as they are essentials in my wardrobe.

The color black is a timeless color trend that the fashion industry just cannot seem to shake, no matter how much time passes. Similarly, this is one of the only colors that can be worn all year long, no matter what season it may be. The color black is flattering, versatile, and ageless, as it is flattering for people of all ages. This color truly never discriminates!

What I personally love about the color black is that it always looks good, in all of its’ various forms, including clothing, accessories, jewelry, shoes, etc. When in doubt, I can always count on the color black to pull through for me. It is so accountable, in fact, that most of my wardrobe consists of black. Plus, it will never go out of style, at least in my eyes. While black may seem like a fairly dark way to celebrate the beginning of sunny days, warmer weather, and more colorful days, I truly enjoy the way that black contrasts the brighter hues that come with Spring and Summer.

My utilization of the color black within the outfit come in the form of a black, basic bodysuit, black, cutout, embellished boots, and a handful of accessories, including a black flat top hat, a pair of circular sunglasses, a tie-neck necklace, and a black, embellished belt.

The black flat top hat, the black belt, and the cutout boots all incorporate a silver embellishmed trend, that almost elevates the outfit, as well as giving the outfit a modern twist. The embellishment trend has surfaced all over the fashion industry, and clearly, I am a big fan of it. The small embellishment details are subtle, however, the trend is evident throughout the outfit, without overwhelming the outfit.

While most of my outfit consists of black attire, I relied on the everlasting, also accountable, trend, which we all know as denim, to successfully break-up the black theme that was taking over the outfit. The light-wash, high-waisted, distressed boyfriend jeans allowed for the otherwise “blacked out” outfit to stand out. The light-wash color of the pair of jeans contrasted the darker pieces of the outfit, giving the outfit a personality and is definitely the exciting element of the outfit. The distressing within the jeans, gives the outfit the edge it needed from falling into the background. The denim played a valuable role in outfit, as it gave the outfit the pop of color, as well as personality, that it needed, SO BADLY.

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  1. Scoop Back Bodysuit ($30.00) – TOPSHOP
  2. BeRipped 90’s Distressed Boyfriend Jeans ($54.99) – Etsy
  3. Ankle Booties With Cutouts & Silver Embellishments (SOLD OUT) – Steve Madden
  4. Ecote Metal-Tipped Leather Belt ($29.00) – Urban Outfitters
  5. ASOS Felt Matador Boater Hat With Size Adjuster ($25.50) – ASOS
  6. Suede Bolo Tie Necklace ($14.00) – Poshmark
  7. Retro Hippie Metal Lennon Round Color Lens Sunglasses ($9.99) – zeroUV

This outfit of the day kickstarts the beginning of the incorporation of summer attire into my daily wardrobe. Black and denim will always be my favorite timeless trends, and they will continue to flood my wardrobe until the end of time.
This outfit allowed for me to utilize two of my favorite timeless trends, in a way that best depicts “my take” on a black and denim ensemble.

What are some of your favorite timeless trends? Let me know!


Aichan Tewahade

OOTD – Denim Adventures

Can you ever go wrong with denim? What about a denim distressed jacket? I am going to go ahead and say, “no.” Denim jackets, or just denim pieces, are essential in your closet, whether it be in the form of jeans, jackets, shorts, tops, rompers, jumpsuits, skirts, etc. Denim comes in all forms.

Recently, I spent some time up on Flagstaff Mountain, a very monumental landmark, of Boulder, Colorado, that offers infinite amounts of views and almost too much beauty. It is truly a breathtaking view.

While the weather was not cold, it was not quite warm on top of the mountain either. In order to keep my body temperature at a stable level, I pulled together a fairly “basic,” or go-to, outfit for myself, which often includes, leggings, a oversized white t-shirt, paired with sneakers and a denim jacket. While I may not STAND OUT within the crowd, this outfit serves as a great example for ways to make your “lazy day” outfits seem a little more fashion-forward. There are many ways to incorporate current trends into your daily “I am not really trying” outfits. Not every outfit you wear or go out in needs to be a standout outfit, sometimes you can choose to stay neutral.
These outfits are easy to accessorize, as my outfit is fairly simplistic. While my accessories are subtle, this is a great way to make an otherwise “bland,” or “basic,” outfit more unique, or more your own, or make it stand out more.
To polish off my look, I paired my outfit with a pair of silver sunglasses, and while I kept the jewelry to a minimum, I paired the outfit with a simple black choker.

It is safe to say that my outfit is not quite what standouts in these photographs…I must say that nature is definitely taking the cake on this one.
However, if you do catch a glimpse of my outfit and are feeling it – the outfit is fairly easy to recreate.

Shop My Look

  1. Distressed Denim Jacket ($29.99) – Forever 21
  2. Rising Sun T-Shirt ($34.80) – Free People
  3. Black Stretch Cotton Leggings ($6.00) – Charlotte Russe
  4. Canvas Sk8-Hi ($60.00) – Vans
  6. Black Leather Choker Necklace ($19.60) – Eve’s Addiction

What are some of your favorite Spring trends for this season? Let me know!


Aichan Tewahade

OOTD – Creamy Cardigans

Another day, another outfit, am I right?

Just to make things a little more Boulder, Colorado themed, I even included the Flatirons infamously as the backdrop to my little photo shoot.

It was a fairly ordinary day, which required a fairly ordinary outfit that incorporated many basics, to create a basic, yet cute outfit.

The outfit included a t-shirt body suit, tucked into a pair of dark wash jeans. To layer over my t-shirt, I decided to throw a cream oversized cardigan, just to keep the comfy theme relevant.

An oversized cardigan is an essential in my closet, as you can pair it over so many things. Their use is so diverse.

My red Adidas Superstars were my shoe of choice. Once again, emphasizing the theme of comfort, casual and classic into my look.

Shop My Look

  1. Basic Black Short Sleeve Bodysuit ($15.00)
  2. H&M Skinny Regular Ankle Jeans ($29.99)
  3. Adidas Superstar Original Fashion Sneaker ($80.00)
  4. Open Front Chunky Knit Sweater ($31.75)

My outfit screams underwhelming to a certain extent, but the colder weather seems to bring out some of my more basic outfits. I love to keep it casual, especially when it is chillier.

This is a great outfit to throw on when you are trying to stay comfy, without looking totally socially innapprorpiate in public.

Not to mention, I was comfy.


Aichan Tewahade

OOTD – Losin’ My Marbles

Today, with the warm weather in full swing and the Boulder Creek Festival happening, I got to break out my summer clothes and spend some quality time outdoors ON A SWING. I kept my outfit light and airy, with my sleeveless, mock neck, marble-print SWING dress, while sporting a loose-knit, black cardigan, to exude a more relaxed, and effortless vibe.. To spruce up the outfit, I paired the outfit with black, knee-high, lace-up gladiator sandals. I continued the effortless look with a basic, black brimmed vintage. The sandals and the brimmed hat were the accent pieces of my outfit. To compliment and complete the rest of my outfit, I finished the look off with a pair of black and gold circle brow bar sunglasses in order to ward off the sunlight from my eyes.

My outfit today incorporated:

  1. Sleeveless Mock Neck Marble Print Swing DressRagstock
  2. Black Knit Oversized Cardigan With Pockets – Forever 21
  3. Knee-High Lace-Up Gladiator Sandals – Target (ITEM NO LONGER IN STOCK)
  4. Black and Gold Circle Brow Bar SunglassesRagstock
  5. Black Hat With Vintage Embellishments – Forever 21


IMG_0353 (2)IMG_0355 (2)



Aichan Tewahade

Versatile Velvet

‘Tis the season for velvet! I am not just talking about just one shade of velvet, but all shades of velvet. Red, blue, green, black – you take your pick this season!

Not only is velvet an essential transitional piece for the spring, but you can make a statement with a new material.

It’s smooth and sophisticated feel will help glam up and spruce up your outfit this season, as it has become a statement piece for many celebrities, such as Vanessa Hudgens, Zoe Saldana, and Gigi Hadid, to name a few. This trend has even been spotted on runway shows, including Balmain, Marious Schwab, Christopher Kane, and Gucci to name a few.

Velvet has become such an essential this season that you can find it in every shade and in every style, including dresses, crop tops, jackets (as spotted on Gigi Hadid), pants, and skirts. Additionally, you can dress it down or dress it up, depending on the occasion.

This season velvet’s versatility has become a “must have,” so grab your essential, versatile velvet attire and sport it this spring.