How To Style High-Waisted Jeans Three Ways

Today, I created three looks, incorporating my favorite pair of high-waisted jeans currently, and a handful of different tops.
These are some great, easy, and almost effortless Summer looks for myself.

High-waisted anything are my jam, but these jeans, pictured below, are definitely going to be a staple in my closet.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
The high-waisted style of apparel is a very prevalent trend, especially in women’s fashion. As waist lines are rising, one must rise to the occasion.

These high-waisted jeans are quite simplistic and a classic pair of denim that can easily be dressed-up, or dressed-down. So versatile!

Look 1

The first look is quite fun and girly, or it is girly for me. The top incorporates the peplum trend, a trend which I never truly experimented with, because it was quite girly. I hovered back to my safe place with this top by purchasing it in black, my favorite color. While this top is almost out of my comfort zone, it is an easy piece to work with, and not many “fun and girly” pieces are easy to work with and pair with. Fun and girly are great for the Summer, though. I paired the top with two chokers, one gold and one silver, and layered them accordingly.

Look 2

The second look incorporates another “fun and girly” Summer trend. The top I chose to incorporate into this look was a black, velvet tie-top, with a very subtle peplum detail. While velvet is not truly in season during the Summer, a velvet version of a popular Summer trend can always make a velvet piece work for the Summer. I reverted to black, once again, when purchasing this top. I bejeweled this look with two neck pieces. The gold basic choker was layered over the turquoise stone necklace. I love experimenting with the lengths of necklaces and necklines – the longer the neckline, the longer the necklace.
This look is a great, versatile look for the day and the night. Small changes to this look can make this look a great “going-out” look, as well as a simple brunch look.


Look 3

This last look incorporates another major Summer trend, the infamous graphic tee. While I have been on the search for a top similar to this for years, I finally made the leap of faith and purchased this tropical graphic tee from H&M. Graphic tees and high-waisted denim is always the right decision – it can do no wrong.
This look is very casual and a great look to throw on when you cannot find anything else, or do not want to try too hard. Jewelry is super minimal with this look, but incorporating your daily neckwear is always recommended.
Have fun with your graphic tees and find the right ones.

High-waisted jeans ain’t no lie, and regardless of the season, you can always count on them to keep you looking trendy and hip.
Playing with the lengths of the hemline of your top and the waistline of your jeans is always fun, play around with tops of different lengths and see what happens.

What are your favorite ways to wear your high-waisted jeans this Summer?
Have a SUNderful day!


Aichan Tewahade

OOTD | Yellow Toned

•••Yellow Toned•••

Today’s outfit consisted of mixing warmer, brighter summer tones and colors, with various basic, black pieces.
With Summer right at our finger tips, every aspect of our lives seems to be figuratively warmer, as well as more fun.

While my favorite outfits often consist of a absence of color, every once in a while, I find myself needing that extra light, extra warmth, and extra brightness that can be found in the depths of my closet, which also lacks much color.

A simple, casual outfit for a warmer day can be summed up for me in a few different words, “crop top” and “high-waisted shorts.” Both crop tops and high-waisted shorts are essentials for me, especially during the Summer.
A pastel yellow tie-hem blouse was my choice of “fun” for the day. The top is airy, which is perfect for the hot Summer days and yellow is currently on-trend. While I do not have any problems with the color yellow, I do find the color to be very bright and vibrant, and as a result, I do not find myself wearing, or shopping, for many yellow pieces of clothing. The color of this particular top was a very light, almost pastel yellow, which is why I was so drawn to buy it. I figured I would give this yellow trend a chance. I also just happen to be a sucker for pastel colors.
The pair of black high-waisted Mom shorts are one of my favorite shorts that I own. The “Mom” style denim, both shorts and jeans, offers a comfortable, more vintage alternative to your average pair of high-waisted denim shorts. I also love them because they are black – no surprise there. Every pair of black high-waisted shorts that I own is my favorite pair of high-waisted shorts that I own, if that is any indication of what my favorite style of short is and what my favorite color is.
The shorts paired perfectly with the yellow top, but then again, what color doesn’t black go well with?
The tie-hem blouse and the high-waisted “Mom” shorts are of totally different styles, but the buttons in both the tie-top and shorts allowed me to successfully create a look incorporating two items of opposite styles.
In addition, both the tie-top blouse and the high-waisted shorts, while vastly different in style, are both subtle, simplistic pieces, not statement pieces, and as a result, do a great job complimenting eachother, or coexisting, rather than clashing with each other. Clashing outfits, or loud outfits, are often a result of pairing two busy statement pieces together. While sometimes, collision outfits can be successful, the success rate is rather low. For the most part, these outfits are either a major hit or a major miss.
To finish off my casual summer-day look, I paired the outfit with some more black, including a black crossbody bag and black slip-on sandals. Jewelry was minimal, as per usual, however, I did incorporate a blue stone choker necklace to lay by itself on my neck.


Shop My Look

  1. Linen Tie-Hem Blouse | Macy’s | ($47.40)
  2. BDG Denim High-Rise Mom Short – Black | Urban Outfitters ($49.00)
  3. Fossil Crossbody Purse | Poshmark | ($45)
  4. Em Down Leather Slide Sandal | Nordstrom Rack | ($39.97)
  5. Choker – THRIFTED

This is a fairly simplistic, casual outfit that can very easily be dressed up and down, with a few small tweeks to the outfit itself.

Generally throughout the Summer, I wear variations of this outfit, incorporating and pairing different cropped tops with different high-waisted shorts.
This is a great example of an outfit that I essentially reuse and recycle ALL SUMMER LONG.

What is your favorite trend this Summer?


Aichan Tewahade

OOTD | Baseball Ready

Since the occasion was a baseball game, I attempted to keep my outfit cute, comfortable, and somewhat casual, while doing a poor job at showing my Rockies’ pride.
My white button down crop top, my floral light-wash high-waisted shorts, paired with a New York Yankees’ baseball hat, a pair of blue reflective sunglasses, a black shoulder bag, and a pair of white platform sneakers was about as sporty as I could get.

Baseball games are a great way to sport a baseball cap, which is what I did. While the game I was attending was a Colorado Rockies’ game, a New York Yankees’ hat is close enough, am I right?
It also was great for protecting me from the intense sunrays.

While light-wash and lighter tones are not normally my forté, Summer is a great season to bring out your lighter washes and experiment with lighter tones.

White is not normally in my wardrobe, but there is something about the Summer that gave me some inspiration to experiment with this light color.
Normally, I would choose black and darker hues over anything, but I took a chance and did not regret it.

Sometimes, you just have to work with what you got.

IMG_0719Screenshot (371)IMG_0722 (2)Screenshot (488)IMG_0720 (2)IMG_0710IMG_0724

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  1.  Ribbed Button Front Short Sleeve Crop Top ($26.00) | American Apparel
  2. Denim High-Waist Cuff Short ($58.00) | American Apparel
  3. ASOS DESIGN Day light lace up sneakers ($32.00) | ASOS
  4. American Needle MLB Raglan Mesh Baseball Hat ($19.99) | Urban Outfitters

Here’s my best sporty baseball outfit, featuring me sporting a baseball cap supporting a baseball team that was not even playing at the game I was attending.

I am dressed for the occasion, alright?


Aichan Tewahade

OOTD | Campaigning For Champagne Poolside

As May is in full swing, sunny days also find themselves in full swing. With sunny days comes an intense need to spend time by any form of water, in the hopes of cooling your body temperature down, which usually entails a day spent under the intense UV rays of the sun, either by the pool, the beach, a reservoir, etc.

Colorado is landlocked state, so my choice of body of water was a pool.
A day spent by the pool calls for a bathing suit to either swim in, or to simply tan in.

There are so many bathing suit trends that I love that it made choosing a bathing suit for my first pool day difficult! I was up for the challenge.
One pieces are one of my favorite bathing suit trends, and I figured to kickstart my pool day season I would choose to wear a one piece of my choice. I had a few one pieces to choose from, and the only thing I knew for certain was that the one piece bathing suit that would mark the beginning of my lazy pool days would be black.

A black one-piece swimsuit is my final answer.
“To choose a black one-piece that is fun, or to choose a black one-piece that is basic and timeless?,” I began pondering to myself.

“To choose a black one-piece that is fun is my final answer,” I exclaim.
My fun black one-piece was a basic black, deep scoop neck bathing suit, which included the font “Champagne Campaign,” across the front of the bathing suit. The text across the front of the bathing suit obviously added a fun element to an otherwise basic swimsuit.
The bathing suit was super flattering and flirtacious, as it included a low back and a high cut at the leg, modernizing the basic one-piece bathing suit.


Shop My Look

  1. Champagne Campaign [Swimsuit] ($99.00) – Private Party


Private Party, a swimwear brand, began infiltrating the bathing suit industry in 2017, as their swimwear could be found on every young adult, teenager, and adults everywhere. The brand was most popular among the younger adult crowd, or those in their 20s-30s, and was even more popular for sorority girls across the nation. The brand almost united sorority girls across the nation, as they united over the swimwear brand.
Private Party’s swimwear is unique to their brand, as every piece of their swimwear brand contains text phrases across the front of their one-piece bathing suits. The text phrases often include quirky, yet playful, two word phrases that channeled a “cool and hip,” or even “clever,” vibe.
Each of their bathing suits exhibit a deep neckline in both the front and the back of the bathing suit. The back of the bathing suit incorporates a very deep neckline that showcases an individual’s entire back. Overall, the shape of the bathing suits are super flattering for every body shape, as they also include a high cut at the leg, which only allows for an individual to fully showcase what their mama gave them.

While Private Party bathing suits are not my favorite brand of bathing suits, I do recommend Private Party to those who are looking to purchase an exceptional quality bathing suit that is comfortable, flattering, and long-lasting.

What are your favorite swimwear brands? Please share your favorite swimwear brands in the comments below. I am always looking for new bathing suit companies to purchase from!

Also, feel free to share your own personal experience with Private Party bathing suits in the comments below. I would love to hear from you all!

In the Summer, I will always find h2O at the nearest pool location available to me.
Spend too much time at the pool this summer, so you can stay extra cool, wet, and tropical this Summer!


Aichan Tewahade

Golden Globes Awards 2018: Best Looks

This year’s Golden Globes Awards demonstrated solidarity among the Hollywood industry, as actresses and actors wore their best black looks, in order to support the #METOO movement, the #TIMESUP movement and the activists attending the event. Most of the attendees did not steer away from the all-black dresscode, in order to pay tribute towards the victims of sexual assault.

My favorite looks from this year’s Golden Globes Awards include:

1. Reese Witherspoon & Eva Longoriareese witherspoon eva longoria2. Heidi Klumvalerie macon3. Guiliana Rancicguiliana rancic4. Millie Bobby Brownmillie bobby brown7. Zuri Hallzuni6. Chris Hemsworthchris hemsworth7. Angelina Jolie & Loung Ungloung ung angelina jolie8. Kerry Washingtonkerry washington9. Kendall Jennerkendall jenner10. Kate Hudsonkate hudson11. James Francojames franco12. America Ferrera & Natalie Portmanamerica ferrari and natalie portman13. Alexis Bledelalexis bledel15. Oprah Winfreyoprah16. Geena Davisgeena davis17. Catherine Zeta-Jonescatherine zeta-jones18. Justin Timberlake & Jessical Bieljessica biel and justin timberlake

These are my all-time favorite looks for this year’s Golden Globes Awards. While the unofficial dresscode was black dress, these year’s attendees pulled out their best “black looks” to make a statement, while simultaneously coming together to unite to support sexual harassment victims.

Fashion has used all throughout to make a stance, and I believe that tonight the actresses and actors were able to make a statement and take a stance against sexual harassment, sexual assault, gender and race intolerance.

I was far from underwhelmed by these red carpet looks – I’ve never seen a better-looking group of individuals draped in black.

What were your favorite looks from this year’s Golden Global Awards?


Aichan Tewahade

Ballin’ On A Budget

As you soon begin to realize that money does not simply grow on trees, you will also realize that you have less money to spend on things you enjoy. For me, my joy is coloring books, candles, clothes, shoes, food and accessories.

All these things can be found at just about any retail chain, however, it all depends on whether the price is right.

I have to ball out on a budget, sort of speak, as I am in college and have obligatory payments that I must make.

I try to make purchases that are:

  1. Reasonably Priced – Who knows how much money you have on you, or whether you are just trying to spend your last paycheck. Make sure that the price is right on what you are buying. Take into consideration the pros and cons of making your purchase. Try shopping at places, such as Amazon, Safeway, King Soopers, Walmart, Walgreens, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Ragstock, PacSun, Forever 21, Crossroads Trading Company, Buffalo Exchange, and/or any “buy, sell, and trade” store. If you are feeling conflicted on whether or not to purchase the item, see how much you truly want it and come back later. Chances are you can find better deals online or in-store, if you look hard enough.
  2. Quality Over Quantity – Check to see the condition of the quality of the product. In this case, less is more. This may not be the case for food, however, the quality of your food, aka what you put into your body, is important. In regards to clothing, accessories, and shoes, quality is of utmost importance. You would rather have an item that is made well and will last a lifetime, over clothes that will fall apart on you quickly. Investments in essentials, such as jeans, pants, and basics, are things that directy correlate with the idea behind quality over quantity. Art supplies are best bought in quality if you are pursuing an art career or are truly passionate about the activity.
  3. Skip The Brand Names – In regards to everything I purchase, brand name does not matter to me, just as long as the quality is there. Food does not apply to this rule as buying brand name items from, Kroger, Safeway, and Walgreens make the purchase much cheaper. In terms of clothing, shoes, and accessories, it is the complete opposite. Brand name products, such as, Free People, Steve Madden, Gucci, Fendi, Yves Saint Laurent, Repossi, and Louis Vitton, to name a few, are not essential to your wardrobe. I find that consignment stores and “buy, sell, and trade” stores, such as Crossroads Trading Company, Buffalo Exchange and Plato’s Closet sell brand name items for much cheaper, at an affordable price to the public.
  4. Head Straight To The Sale Section – Ignore the full-priced items and aim to buy things from the sale section. If you look hard enough in the messy sale section of retail stores, such as PacSun, Urban Outfitters, H&M, Ragstock, Crossroads Trading Company, and even Free People you are always bound to find something that is below retail price and a good deal. Scanning the entirety of the sale section helps your wallet and your bank account. Waiting until things go onto sale is something that I do. Keep eyeing what you want, and hopefully, fingers crossed, the item will be set aside on the sale racks for you to buy discounted.
  5. Mall Employee Deals – Take advantage of any deals and discounts you may receive if you work at a mall or a shopping district. Always mention that you work around the area in case you are able to get a discount on regular priced items. Some malls offer amazing discounts, such as 10%-20% discounts on their merchandise. Always ask and mention that to any employee that you encounter in your shopping district.
  6. Patience – Being patient and looking carefully, all while comparing prices is vital. As mentioned above, weigh out the pros and the cons, and see whether or not this is an impulse buy or not. If the item you wish to buy is still there next time you return, then perhaps it’s fate that you should buy the item.
  7. Only Buy Full-Priced Items If You CANNOT STOP THINKING ABOUT IT OR ABSOLUTELY NEED IT – I apply this rule to most of my attire. I refuse to buy anything full price unless I cannot stop thinking about it or actually need the item. Most times, items will always be in stock, unless you wait a few months, especially in regards to retail. In regards to food, do the same. Try to find deals on food items that have a special deal, such as 2 for $7 on an item. Places like King Soopers, Walgreens, Walmart, Safeway, Trader Joes, etc. offer deals on regular priced items. Keep your eyes pealed. Additionally, if you feel as though you will absolutely eat the food, buy it. Make sure to be careful about buying items that you will not eat or use in the future.
  8. Keep Your Eyes Pealed For Additional Discounts & Random Sales – Many retail stores and grocery stores change up their sale and discounted food. Subscribing to online emails allows you to stay updated on current deals that are only for a limited time. Be sure to be aware of them! Shop carefully and smart.
  9. Decide How Much You Want To Spend Ahead Of Time – If you decide a number in your head of how much money you wish to spend a day, you will not only be budgeting, but saving money on the useless crap that fills up our closets, refrigerators, and houses. Shopping is not a sin, however, it is easy for one to get caught up on spending money. Just before you even realize it, all your money is gone. Pulling out a certain amount of cash assists me in budgeting, allowing me only to spend a certain amount of cash.
  10. Sign Up For Their Rewards Program – Sign up for reward programs with as many stores as possible, as you will gain points, while simultaneously spending less money, through the designated program. Most times after a certain amount of money spent at any place, you will receive rewards, discounts, or even gift cards, or free items. Not only are you helping yourself, but you feel less guilty spending money at the location.
  11. Make A List Of Things You Need – This helps, in the case of food, clothing, art supplies, etc. Deciding what you need or truly want is important, so you will not get sidetracked while you are there. All the distractions, especially at the cash register counter, are all items placed strategically so that the customer will spend more money. Go in knowing what you want and need, and always do not hesitate to ask for assistance. A list will allow you to also budget and will give you a general idea of how much money you will be spending. Though this is a little bit harder when it comes to clothing, shoes and accessory shopping, having a general idea of what you are willing to spend and what you are looking for is always key.
  12. Check Out More Than One Store – Look around and be patient with your shopping. Do not just limit yourself to one, single store. Shop around, find deals, compare prices, and find a store that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. I shop around at many retail outlets, being especially selective about prices and the quality of the product. The quality of the product and prices often differ from store-to-store, try to find a reasonably priced retail outlet to get the best deals. Similarly, when it comes to shopping for food, art supplies, interior decoration, school supplies, check out more than one store. All stores are competing with each other to achieve the lowest price for your best dollar. The choices are endless and chances are you will find a place that will satisfy your budget and your needs.
  13. Shop Online – Online stores usually have sales ongoing that most stores do not have. Similarly, the online shops may have more merchandise than that displayed in the stores. Additionally their sale sections are naturally much more organized, with a wider selection. Online sale sections for stores listed above are much more extensive, including more of a variety of the merchandise, than that in store.This list provides a set of rules that you can follow, especially when you are ballin’ on a budget. Save money for all the things you enjoy in life, while also budgeting, and deciphering the pros and cons of the purchase. Shopping smart and hard are always key! Keep your eyes on the prize and realize that deals are out there, as long as you look hard enough.

    xo,Aichan Tewahade