Frolicking In Nature

Follow my hike from start to finish visually with the photographs below, that are chronologically organized so that you can experience my hike with me just as I did.
You will never miss a step with this chronological gallery that footprints my hike.

Today, rather than hiking the trail that I normally hike, I hesistantly, yet willingly decided to hike a different trail that I had hiked twice before.
The trail I hiked was named the Royal Arch Trail, which is located within Chautauqua Park in Boulder, Colorado.

It had been a while since I hiked individually.
Since it had been a while since what I consider my last “REAL HIKE,” I decided that if I chose to hike a new trail that it could be exciting and an adventure.
In addition to the exciting element of hiking an unfamiliar trail, I also was aware about the level of difficulty of the hike, which I would consider much more difficult and lengthy than the hike I generally go on.

I fell off the wagon during the Winter, as I found myself making excuses to talk myself out of hiking. The longer that I avoided hiking, the harder it became to start hiking again regularly. Similarly, since I truly enjoy hiking as more than a form of exercise and a hobby, I found myself more anxious and irritable, as a result of my lack of execution.

The Royal Arch trail was about 3 miles long one-way, so the entire hike, both ways, comes out to be a total of around six miles.
Most of the way up to the top was an extreme incline, with very tall rock stairs, making it a very intensive cardio workout. This was exactly what I was looking for!
It was not easy to say the least, but I truly enjoyed it.

Follow me through my hiking excursion below:

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Here are some more moments that I captured with a disposable film camera!


One hiker that came across me on my way down began conversating with me and proceeded to ask if I was from Boulder, Colorado.
I replied, “Yes, I am born and raised here. I am a native,” in which he responds, “even after all this time in Boulder, you are still doing and still hiking the same trails! That’s incredible!”

I find solitude and happiness at Chautauqua Park, all while being able to get exercise. This is a place that I can always count on to allow me to forget my problems and to be in a state of awe by the beauty that is within and around Chautauqua Park.
Though there is usually a surplus of hikers on the trail, Chautauqua Park is a perfect escape for me to run away, literally and figuratively, from people and continue to nourish and flourish my relationship with Mother Nature.

Within the park, you can find so many hidden gems of beauty tucked within an already beautiful area.
It is hard to believe that something that already is so beautiful contains even more beauty within itself.

You will never be disappointed with the views on any of your hikes at Chautauqua Park, but instead, you may find yourself disappointed that you never proceeded to appreciate all the glory that is Chautauqua Park.

What is your favorite place to find solitude and happiness?

Find your escape within your paradise, so you always have a place to run away from your problems, forget your worries, and clear your head.


Aichan Tewahade

The Evanoff Experience | The Fox | 5.18.2018 | Boulder, Colorado |

It has been a while since a went to a great concert, let along a concert, in which the performers and artists hold a special place in my heart.

I have been trying very hard to do my best to see this band, but every time the time came I always had excuses up my sleeve as to why I was not coming.
The greatest thing about this band that I saw last night was that this band is originally from my hometown Boulder, Colorado. Even cooler fact? I have known him since high school.

It is always important to support local talent everywhere, especially those whom you have known for a significant amount of time. The last Evanoff show I attended was their very first show, in which they headlined the Cervantes Theater in Denver, Colorado. The crowd was significantly smaller than the crowd that they drew only four years later. It was incredible to see how much progress, success, and fans they have gained over the past four years. The difference between the growth in the complexity and the structure of the sets that they played in 2014 versus the set that they played at their most recent show.

This band deserves all the success and support in the world, as they truly are passionate, humble, and incredibly creative individuals. Their set was perfect, incorporating a mix of both high-energy songs with more low tempo songs. It was far from boring and easy to dance to. This band managed to get every single member in the crowd jumping, grooving, and feeling what they were throwing down. The incredible part about this band is their use of their instruments, which makes their music a little more soulful. The incorporation of real musical instruments makes me appreciate a band, or a set much more. It adds another element of creativity and beauty.


The night out at the Fox Theater was extremely exciting, groovy, and full of good vibes. The lights were incredible.

This was one of their shows that I just could not miss out on, as it was their hometown show! I was informed prior to the show that this show was going to be an uber special show, with insane light shows. I had a lot to look forward to!

The opening acts of the Evanoff also were exempleray. Nobide, the first opener artist, is a good friend of mine from high school, who also is another Boulder local native.

The summertime begins my concert season, as concerts become my ultimate source of fun, excitement, and socializing.
My favorite venue in the entire world is Red Rocks Ampitheater. Red Rocks brings me so much happiness and is a place that I consider very close to my heart.

Get out there and support your local talent! Supporting local talent only strengthens your sense of community and allows you to connect with your hometown.

What are your favorite concert venues? What is your most recent concert?


Aichan Tewahade


Ducks Are Friends Too 🦆

Ducks are friendly creatures, too!

In Boulder, Colorado, ducks are running rampant all over the city, casually strolling along sidewalks. Their “quacks” are loud and in-charge, as they have a lot to say to all the bystanders walking by trying to feed them.

These creatures are very animated animals and can put a smile on anyone’s face! As I have spent more and more time around them, I have grown to appreciate ducks more and more.

One of the ducks that I encountered recently was awful friendly towards me, slowly inching his or her way over to me. We were inches away from each other, literally breathing down each other’s necks, as I attempted to grab some photographs of this friendly and very playful creature.

This young fellow was most certainly in his or her element! Such a cutie!

Today, I made so many DUCKing friends! And, that is not something that you can say every day!


Aichan Tewahade

Winterful Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado is a magical playground all the time. Even if Boulder tripped into a puddle of mud and poop, it would still look better than me most mornings.

Most days, I cannot even believe that I live in such a breathtaking city, as it is truly unreal. Every day, I at least spend about half an hour of my life wishing I could look as good as Boulder does when it is covered in snow.

As winter rolls around, the beauty of Boulder only becomes intensified, as you begin to witness snow perfectly coating every inch of the city. It is as if you are experiencing a snowglobe from inside the snowglobe, rather than watching it from outside of the snowglobe. It is quite an experience.

Chasing beauty in Boulder, Colorado is a task that never gets old, as there is natural beauty every where you look.

While no camera can truly capture Boulder’s breathtaking views, Boulder’s beauty will always be present in photographs, even the lowest of qualities of photographs can depict the beauty that is within Boulder.

To withold Boulder’s magical winters from the public would be selfish, as EVERYONE deserves an opportunity to experience this paradise.

I have included a collection of memories captured through my camera lense during my winters in here, in Boulder, Colorado.
(Brace your eyes for extreme beauty)

Through My Lense: Winterful Boulder, Colorado


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Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


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The camera lense of my iPhone(s) may be sick and tired of me constantly trying to capture Boulder’s beauty, but that does not mean I am.
I blame Boulder’s extreme beauty as the primary reason why many of my iPhones broke. You know you are living in paradise when even new age technology simply falls apart, cannot keep it together, and suddenly breaks when you are attempting to capture a fraction of its’ beauty all in one photograph.

The #NOFILTER policy should always be enforced to its fullest extent when it comes to photographs of Boulder, Colorado, as there truly is no need to enhance Boulder’s natural beauty. Its’ natural beauty just exists, and therefore, it just is.

If I had a Tinder, I  would swipe right for Boulder, Colorado. What about you?

Boulder, Colorado is my winter wonderland. Where is yours? 


Aichan Tewahade