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slow down. take a breathe.

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  ♦ W ♦ H ♦ E ♦ R ♦ E ♦

♦ I ♦ S ♦

♦ Y ♦ O ♦ U ♦ R ♦

 ♦ H ♦ E ♦ A ♦ D ♦

   ♦ A  ♦ T  ♦

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The first thing that comes to my mind these days is the idea of self-care. Self-care needs to be a priority in every sense of the word, as it always should be a priority. My definition of self-care is quite thorough, but I often find myself neglecting certain aspects of self-care that are not only important to my health, but necessary to maintain inner peace and happiness. Self-care also means allotting yourself time to relax and just do nothing – this is something that I often forget.

Self-care goes as far as making time to relax, practicing hygiene care, eating healthy diet, quitting smoking tobacco, smiling more, staying in touch with yourself and your emotions, taking even more time smile, learning to be alone, doing more thing that you love, staying in touch with close friends, drinking more water than I usually do, exercising regularly, staying away from toxic situations, prioritizing yourself, appreciating myself, and learning to find balance within your my life – honestly, the list goes on.

Life has so much to offer and you can make it really great all the time, if you truly want to. I want to take advantage of every minute, and be productive and do meaningful things all the time.

I am a passionate person and perfectionist that sometimes it inhibits my own views about myself, as well as my productivity.  I beat myself every day for not doing EVERYTHING I would want to accomplish, due to an overwhelming amount of passion and general excitement for my surges of creative energy and ideas. My passion sometimes serves as my biggest setback, as sometimes I often push myself too much and beyond my boundaries too an extreme where I am negatively affecting my mental, physical and emotional health. Sometimes my creative energy is off the charts and I am so excited that I get shook beyond belief. Then, I get debilitated by all these creative ideas or dreams that I want to follow through with so bad. Often, I fail to go out of my way to follow through with these goals to the very end, whether it is because I believe that the project will take too much time, or whether it is because it involves more focus, drive, time, and skills than I conceptualized, or whether it is because I believe I may not be capable of doing it. Sometimes, my self-motivation, drive and passion to complete a project or any obligation by myself ends up hurting me.

I need to learn to not let it completely consume my life to an extent, in which I become completely debilitated by my overwhelming amounts passion. I end up not being able to focus clearly, as my creativity runs wild, I have all these projects I want to complete, I lack patience, I seek perfection, as a result of my need for perfectionism, I procrastinate completely the project. Sometimes, I get so consumed by the idea of not being the best. not obsessing over ways I could be better, always knowing that you can produce better work, etc. While fear of not being perfect is a big issue and has lead me to do impulsive, irrational things, I never wanted to admit that it was because I want to invest my entire self into every project, piece of homework, every challenge, every hobby, etc. I truly struggle with this when it comes to things, such as school, grades, being very self-critical, trying to be the best person every day, a fear of not being successful, doubting myself, among other things that truly hold me back.

I have begun taking action on this area of myself I could improve on. I have decided the fear of rejection, the fear of not being the best possible version of myself and the the fear of not presenting myself perfectly to others not hold me back from taking risks. Putting myself out there has brought me some amazing opportunities I would never thought would come my way, however, I still deal with the anxiety, pressures, and insecurities within myself to present myself in the most genuine and “perfect” way. While it has been scary, I decided to truly exert the best efforts I could and can recently to take advantage of all the opportunities that come my way. This is important, because you should never hold yourself back. Reach for the stars by putting yourself out there.

Another struggle is to maximize my ability to time-manage properly, instead of procrastinating and coming up with excuses as to why you did not have enough time. Planning is important and learning to prioritize your priorities is an important skill I am working on. In order to maximize your days, setting weekly plans or setting goals is important in alleviating stress of living in constant chaos. Specifically, my time-management skills need to be centered around prioritizing maintaining a healthy balance of fun, self-care, responsibilities, and handling stressors. I often find myself neglecting one facet of my life, which does not allow me to truly reach my full potential. Having better time-management skills will only allow me to come across many opportunities that I have been trying to pursue, but keep coming up with excuses to set aside. In order to succeed or even accomplish any goals, I must be willing to invest the time and effort it takes to complete the project, or pursue my dreams. This may seem like a silly concept, as it is blatantly obvious, however, dreams can take months, years, or even a lifetime to achieve.

My last thought lingering on my mind is that one of the downsides of my life is that social media is a huge part of my life, as I spend most of my days on social media platforms. Blogging is one of my passions and favorite past times, which requires spending a significant time on WordPress. Similarly, I spend a lot of time exploring Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook for inspiration, which is also essential for pursuing my career goals and dreams. I have also chosen to pursue a career path that makes utilizing social media and spending an enormous amount of time on the internet a priority. While my laptop and my phone are necessary for me to pursue my goals and passions, I end up getting lost in the mix sometimes and it begins consuming my life, as it has a powerful hold on me. When I end up getting too consumed, sometimes I seem to forget to simply LIVE my life, as I live my life through my phone rather than being present. Many of my creative ideas, projects and goals encompass my blog and ways in which I could expand it, which requires me to utilize my technological skills and invest hours, days, and even months consumed by my phone. This can be very detrimental. Not to mention, while I am endlessly killing time on social media or on my phone, I find myself feeling more insecure, wondering what others think about the way I portray myself on social media, or I find myself comparing myself to others. While I use my social media to share things I feel inspired by, promoting my brand, communicating with others, stay connected with family, friends, etc., or simply just to just share something unsubstantial, I have found that recently my numerous hours on social media, or the Internet, has led me to need to take a break from constantly not being present in my life and focusing on what others are doing. I need to be focusing on myself, and while social media and the Internet, mostly serves as a way to find inspiration or find some answers, everyone is succeptible to the dangers of overusing the Internet or social media.

With that said, I have been practicing mindfulness, coloring, working full-time, being creative, spending time with myself, spending time with family, and overall, practicing patience. I have been trying to be kinder to myself and those around me.

I have also slowly been slowing down…

Slowing down has allowed me to think clearly, identify things I would like to change about myself, make better decisions for myself, prioritize my life, remain calm, be more attentive, practice positivity, engage in self-motivation, maintain a more grateful attitude, self-reflect, take risks, practice things that I have been trying to work on, implement ideas, goals, and projects that I have been thinking about, be kinder to those around me, be kinder to myself, and take care of myself.

More random thoughts…

♥ Why is it easy to get frustrated with myself and with life sometimes?

♥ Why does time fly when you are doing stuff that you love?

♥ Why doesn’t money grow on trees?

♥ When will I retire? Can I retire now?

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◊ W ◊  H ◊  A ◊ T ◊

◊ I ◊ S ◊

◊ O ◊ C ◊ C ◊ U ◊ P ◊ Y ◊ I ◊ N ◊ G ◊

◊ Y ◊ O ◊ U ◊ R ◊

◊ M ◊ I ◊ N ◊ D ◊

◊ ? ◊

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Share any worries, thoughts, opinions, pieces of advice, life lessons, hilarious stories, rants, etc. that have been occupying your thought waves. I would love to hear what has been on your mind  💭💭


Aichan Tewahade

Life Hack #22 – Choose Environmental Stability

Environmental stability refers to existing in an environment that provides emotional, physical, and mental stability and well-being to an individual.

The environment in which you surround yourself within dictates many facets of your life.

One’s idea of a stable environment is unique to them, as people achieve environmental stability differently than one another.

While some individuals find environmental stability within a hectic, busy, and loud environment, others are completely opposite and cannot stand loud noises, as they attain their environmental stability in a quiet environment. Environmental stability truly depends on an individual’s preferences.

In an environmentally sound environment, whether it is in a loud environment or a quiet environment, one should experience happiness, and a sense of comfortability in their environment. This environment should also allow for the individual to benefit from it, as the environment should assist in an individual’s road to thriving and living their best life.

Finding an environmentally stable place to spend your time and hours is very important aspect of achieving inner peace, improving on your self-care, and becoming a better person.

When you are living within the confines of the walls of stability, you will find that you are able to truly relax, which is very important. Most importantly, you may find yourself thriving in ways that you never thought was ever possible.

A stable environment allows for individuals to succeed, as they are able to be the best, most raw versions of themselves when they comfortable. Similarly, a stable environment should alleviate stress and anxiety that you face daily, as you will find that there are fewer distractions to avert your attention to , as a way to ignore all life’s stressors.

In addition, living in a place that feels environmentally stable assists in one’s ability to think clearly. When you find yourself living somewhere where you feel uncomfortable, you may find yourself over thinking even the most simplistic tasks or obligations, as a result of feeling uncomfortable.

Environments that are completely toxic to your mental, physical, and emotional health are ones that you should stay away from. I use the term “toxic” very loosely, as what is considered toxic to an individual varies per person. What may be a toxic environment for someone, may be completely toxic to you.

While life is supposed to challenge you in many ways, making sure that where you currently are provides you the environmental stability that everyone deserves.

A hazardous environment is not an environment that you want to be apart of, as that will only assist in bringing out qualities and behaviors that you may not be proud of.

Continuing to choose to live in a toxic environment is one way to torture yourself, which could lead to major negative effects in one’s physical, mental, and emotional health.

While you may not realize how much this environment is negatively affecting your overall well-being amidst the chaos when you are in that environment, but once you remove yourself from this environmentally hazardous situation and place yourself into a much more beneficial environment, you will begin to realize the extremity in which your environment is hurting you.

You may find that you have no idea who you are, as you do not feel like you belong in the unstable environment that you are forcing yourself to be apart of. As a result,

Instead of prolonging the removal of your toxic environment, think fast. The longer you wait, the worse things will begin to get. By continuing to torture yourself, you are choosing to impede your own self-growth and choosing to settle for something less than you deserve.

An environmentally hazardous environment only ensures social, professional, and academic, and health issues. While you may not know it or believe it, these issues, especially if unresolved, will lead to succumbing to your environment. With each and every time that you willingly place yourself in an environment that you consider toxic, you will begin to slowly mimic and take on the toxic behaviors around you.

However, in order to realize how a toxic environment impacts you, it requires an individual to experience a taste of a toxic environment more than once. If there is silver lining to a toxic environment, it can reveal a lot about you.

Similarly, with more exposure to environmentally hazardous environments, you begin to get familiar with your flaws, as they will begin to expose themselves. With more exposure to hazardous environments, you get to practice decision-making skills and the strength of your morals and values, as they will often be tested.

It is a difficult thing when you and your environment completely contrast each other, leading very little room for sharing similarities.

Life sometimes may force us into toxic environments, which is something that is inevitable. Learning to test your willingness to maintain stability within your life amidst the toxicity is a very valuable life skill, as life will not always put you in the most beneficial circumstances. Instead of fighting life with toxic behaviors, continuing to engage in your stable lifestyle is the only way to overcome the toxic environment. As facing toxic situations is an inevitable part of life, attempt to view the toxic environment as just another challenge you need to overcome. Do not let your toxic environment define you!

Once you begin flirting with your toxic environment, you are flirting with trouble directly. Using your environment as an excuse to engage in troublesome behaviors just does not cut it anymore.

How you  react to the toxic environment can serve as an important piece of knowledge and it is relevant in assisting you in identifying areas in which you need to improve on, in order to stay above the hazardous environment. Challenge for yourself a little and continue avoiding engaging in toxicity your environment presents. Continue to live your life as you normally would and avoid getting sucked into your poisonous environment. With immense amounts of hard work, perseverance, and focus, anyone could succeed in even the most environmentally unsafe environments.

There comes a time, however, when enduring the toxic environment can become excruciatingly detrimental to an extent in which you are  hurting yourself.  While life is supposed to be challenging, it does not mean that you must inflict more pain and stress upon yourself by putting yourself in a compromising environment that is not making you happy. Life is already so stressful as it is, so finding any sort of stability within our lives is important.

Take note of the extremity in which your environment affects you, whether it be positively or negatively. The more aware you are about yourself, your strengths, your weakness, stress signals, and your triggers, the better you will handle toxic environments. Having a firm understanding of who you are and your morals is one way to ward off any negativity and distractions that a toxic environment brings to your life. This knowledge will serve as very useful in the future.

Environmental stability ensures true happiness, inner peace,  growth, long-term health, and strong sense of self. Most importantly, it ensures stability in all aspects of your life. A stable environment ensures less temptation and allows for you to continue engage in stable and beneficial practices.

While one may experience growth, happiness, and a strong sense of self when engaging in risky behaviors, these feelings will only be short-lived, and are not genuine. Tricking yourself into thinking that this environment is helping you may work short-term, however, at some point, the toxicity will catch up to you.

No one should compromise your happiness and sense of self, as occupying an environmental that unstable will only hold you back from experiencing life.

Choose environmental stability to ensure you a lifelong supply of  genuine happiness, health, inner peace, and a strong sense of self-confidence  ☼


Aichan Tewahade

Life Hack #11 – Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Have you ever heard of the book Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff…and it’s all small stuff? This life hack is centered around the ideas that the book presents, as well as a helpful hint to living the best life you can. The novel written by Richard Carlson, PH.D. has written quite a few novels as well, including Handbook for the Heart, Handbook for the Soul, Shortcut Through Therapy, You can Feel Good Again, and You Can Be Happy No Matter What. These are all what most people categorize as “self-help” books, but I especially find Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff very introspective and very helpful in growing and learning about the world, yourself, and life.

The idea around the novel circulates around the idea that many of us, probably all of us, tend to overthink the issues surrounding us, and it provides helpful hinters for ways to make your life a little less easier to deal with, more fufilling, and most importantly, it is an interesting read. Honestly, it is a great way to find your humility again and find issues within your life that you would like to fix. Life is not about being easy, but finding ways to cope with these difficulties, or overcome your weakness, all while trying to enjoy every second of every painful, or happy, moment we are experiencing currently.

The novel includes 100 exerpts about how to avoid sweating the small stuff, because most of the things we stress out about are things that are so futile that they may not be as bad as they seem. Some of my favorite exerpts from this novel include the idea that we should think of our problems as potential teachers, and the idea of reading articles and books with entirely different points of view from your own and try to learn something. Life is a learning experience and we grow from all the challenges we face. Growing generally occurs during times of hardship, so correlating problems as potential teachers is a wonderful way of stating that our hardest times serve to be our biggest mentors. Similarly, in order to expand our horizons and become more open-minded, it is always incredibly useful to expand your own opinions and learn more about your points of view. Reading or analyzing a piece of work from the complete opposite point of view allows you to expand your mind and allows you to look further than your own personal views. You may even find out that you’re wrong, or may have a change of heart.

In addition, the novel includes a segment on being aware of the snowball effect of your thinking, whether it be negative or positive. I suffer from overthinking, and with the severe OCD, along with my other diagnoses I have, this chapter is very close to my heart. Due to my ability to overthink and spend too much time in my head, my thoughts can sometimes manifest into the most irrational states of mind and end up taking a very huge toll on my mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. I have even been put into a state of psychosis, as a result of overthinking. Being aware of the way you think and perceive things is important, in order to better handle the struggles or triumphs presented to you. Being aware of the way you think can serve as a very useful tool in the long run, as you can learn ways to think healthier or more realistically.

Another segment in this novel that amused me was the idea that one should imagine themselves at their own funeral. While this may seem almost suicidal, or unhealthy, thinking about your own funeral does not directly indicate these things. Knowing that one day you will have a funeral held for you may serve as a motivating factor to live your life to the fullest, as well as cast an idea of the kind of funeral you would like it to be. When you imagine yourself in your death bed, you do not want to regret the time you spent on Earth, because you sweated the small stuff too much. This therefore interferes with your ability to do the things that you truly wanted to before you died. Imagining your death to a certain extent places your priorities in perspective, as you do not want to be lying in your death bed full of regrets of “what if’s.” Your hypothetical funeral can serve as a reminder of the life you want to live and your priorities.

In addition, the book spends time acknowledging the importance of kindness, especially towards strangers, spinning it as a coping mechanism for dealing with stressors. It is important to always pass on as much love and kindness onto others, even when dealing with a hard time, or an uncomfortable situation. Kindness and love trump stress always, and sometimes we all forget this while we are cooped up in our own world. They also serve as a wonderful distraction to sweating all the small stuff in our lives.

The more you dig deeper into this book, the more you begin to realize how much growing there is still left for you to do and understand.

Generally, the small things we sweat, whether it be a breakup, relationship problems, family problems, friendship problems, financial problems – they are all a lot smaller than we generally tend to perceive them, as our own stressors become magnified when we are experiencing them. Of course, it is important to encounter stressors in order to fully learn how to cope properly and find the light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how hard life gets.

Sweating the small stuff, however, teaches you how to measure the degree in which the situation should be prioritized as a stressor, which will serve as a lifelong skill, as you begin developing the skill to adapt and react to stressors more easily and productively.

While stress is one thing that no one wants to deal with, every single human succumbs to feeling of stress daily. In fact, we all generally wake up and quickly are reminded by our stressors, whether we realize it or not. So, make sure to cherish your sleep, as this is one time when you truly get to spend time not obsessing about your stressors.

These introspective thoughts and ideas manifest themselves into bigger ideas, allowing you to dig deeper into your own self than you truly imagined.

This novel has become one of my favorite novels, as I used to have my father read it to me as I was a child. It was not up until recently when I hit a wall, not sure to how utilize my life skills to keep growing and learning. However, this novel serves as a constant reminder that there is always room for us to all grow and learn. While this is a self-help book, I enjoy the aspect that it highlights that the idea of “imperfection” is relevant, as no one is perfect. As you begin to let go of these stressors and ideas you manifested, you begin to learn to not resist your problems and stressors, that your life will continue moving on.

Give this novel a read and keep it around, whether it be in your backpocket, your backpack, or just in your bathroom. It is a great read and helps keep life in perspective. Not to mention, when you feel like your life is spiraling out of control, it may help you find some grounding and serenity within your life. I have learned so much from this novel it is hard not to reccommend it to those around me, and though some tips may not be easily implemented in your life, they do help tremendously.

This life hack is all about avoiding sweating all the small stuff, as well as recommending that you purchase and read this novel.

Remember, “it pays enormous dividends if we learn not to worry about little things. So many people spend so much of their life energy ‘sweating the small stuff’ that they completely lose touch with the magic and beauty of life” (Carlson, 8).

Do not lose yourself to the stressors of life, remember just like life is beautiful, so are you. Remember to look at the big picture and try not to get too lost in the maze of stress.


Aichan Tewahade

P.S. I have attached a link to the #1 New York Times Bestseller right here: Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff…dont

The Body Feels Better When You…


Wahoo! Let’s talk about self-care in detail a little bit here.

Ways to promote self-care:

  1. Exercise – Boost your levels of endorphin’s by channeling some exercise into your daily routine. Whether it is taking the stairs, walking to work, or intense cardio, exercise is one way to promote self-care. It will leave you feeling fresh and fine!! The more fitness, the happier the mind, soul, and body will be.
  2. Taking care of your outward appearance – This may sound contradictory, but the better you take care of yourself with showers, tooth brushing, etc., the better you will feel about your outward appearance. Do this not for anyone else, but yourself. If you dress better, and in something you feel comfortable in, you will spend less time pondering how to look and feel better.
  3. EAT. EAT. EAT. – You can always resort to eating foods that are better for you, and just by eating in general. Your body lives off of the food you feed it, so naturally, you should feel inclined to satisfy its’ needs. Try staying away from greasy foods, and try to stay natural. The better you eat, the better you will feel.
  4. Drink MORE water – Now, there’s no need to dehydrate yourself from drinking too much water, but drinking more water is always the key to feeling more energized, feeling more focused, and feeling better about yourself. Even try tea, because water sometimes gets boring. I would also recommend throwing some fruits or some veggies into your water to give it some flavor. Herbal tea is an excellent solution to water, as well. Most of your body is made up of water, so may as well hydrate, right?
  5.  Finding proper stress-management techniques suited for your own unique self – This is more of a personal one. But, finding ways to combat your own anxiety and handle life as mentally prepared as you can, is difficult, but an important aspect of self-care. The goal of life is to be as de-stressed as possible, so make an effort to find ways to beat your stress in a positive way.


    Aichan Tewahade