Life Hack #21 – FSU Hard AF Now B4 It’s 2 Late

FSU (F***K SH!T UP) hard A(s) F(rick) now while you are young and youthful, as it is more societally acceptable to FSU hard AF before hitting your mid 30s. But, really, if you can accomplish settling down and not causing a ruckus for yourself 24/7 prior to your mid 30s, that is in your best interest.

If you are trying to push your luck, your mid 30s could potentially be one of the last opportune moments to test your luck, to be ballsy and careless, without potentially destroying the rest of your future. The older you get, the more extreme the consequences will become from any reckless, toxic decisions you are making.

Dip your toes in trouble while you are young, I reassure you that getting “in too deep,” and pulling some gangster s**t in your earlier years is much more of an idealistic way to embrace your impulsive side.

As you grow older, you will see more and more individuals learn to suppress their impulses and learn to find other hobbies to take up their time in, other than FSU-ing hardcore parkore.

When I say FSU hard AF, I mean engaging in negative behaviors recreationally, or daily, that not only do not have your best interest, but are the definition of self-destruction. These “recreational” habits that you engage in when you are attempting to numb your reality or suppress any emotions, trauma, etc., more than usual. The FSU hard AF life, tends to create natural disasters in all areas of your life. Perhaps your intentions may have been to unleash a cyclone of angry or painful emotions outwardly towards the world, or perhaps that may not have been your intention at all. Either way, you should expect a natural disaster that ompletely destroys any foundations, or anything you once had or attained.

However you choose to decide to temporarily cause a trainwreck in your life, please do it while you are young. As you get older, you  do not possess the energy, time or stamina to constatly, be engaging in these lethal habits. As a child, as tpre-teen,as teen, or as young adult, life allows us with more excuses, time, money, and opportunities to recover from these habits that may potentially have led to many mistakes and destruction within your life.

As you to grow older, you must learn to be independent, pick up responsibilities, be able to take responsiiblity for your actions, pay your own bills, find a job, be your own motivator, be your own best friend, and choose the way you would like to live your life (the list goes on). As established adults, we must also learn to find independence, as we begin to realize that our parents, or family members, cannot just clean up every mess for you or provide you with every answer in the book.

Whoever your caretaker may be, or your legal guardian may be, understand that with age, it is expected of you, as an individual, to begin embracing the responsibility of adulthood and properly learn how to apply it to life. As the digits of your numerical age increases, the amount of dependency decreases, because at some point, you do need to grow up, or at least attempt to grow up.

Growth does not happen in one day, or one year, it takes a whole lifetime. Even when you are an adult, it is still difficult to master of your life. That is why learning to FSU hard AF and experiencing the FSU life is best when experimented in your youth. This is because, as a young child, you will have guardians who will act as your moral compass, in the hopes of preventing the behavior. The younger you are the more lenient life and the world around you will be towards this self-destructive behavior and habit. Havoc, while is best avoided at all times, is best to leave in your youth.

Refusing to learn to be independent AT ALL, or even remotely assume an adult character, leaves an image of adult still being breast feed by their 90-year-old mother. This is not a good image, in fact, it is quite disturbing.

About four years ago, my parents stated, “Listen. You are now 18, you are considered an adult. Be one and figure it out. We are no longer going to hold your hand, as you please. We still love you and will help when we can, but you are now responsible for yourself and your own actions. Do whatever you want, but understand that there are consequences for your bad actions. We are allowed to do as you please and we can only hope that you will make the best decisions you can.”

This came off harsh, but at the time, bad habits was the name of my game. I was a self-proclaimed “hoodrat doing hoodrat things with my hoodrat friends.” Of course, most of these behaviors or decisions I made were not smart, but not done out of intentions other than being very naive. Making decisions to engage in detrimental behaviors, at the time, had a sort of innocence to it, as I was unable to realize that maintaing such a toxic lifestyle WILL lead to many issues down the road. Some of these conseuqneces and problems that arise from our actions can truly take a toll on our lives and disrupt any sort of stability and inner peace your life craves.

Once again, while you are young, make those mistakes and truly get the taste of what it is like to FSU hard AF. While I am condoning this behavior to a certain extent, the younger that you decide to truly hit what may seem like rock bottom, the longer you have to bounce back and re-learn and replace old habits with new ones. Similarly, the world is just not a very forgiving place. With age comes more responsibilites, and while younger citizens do have responsibilities, the responsibilities you have when you are younger are of much less gravity than those repsonsibilites you have to uphold to when you are an adult. Starting from square one when you are younger is much easier, while consequences will arise, there are many more opportunities to succeed and move past these mistakes you made when you were FSU-ing 2 hard AF.

While I hope to God that no one ever has to experience a point in their life when their life leads to need to “recreationally” FSU-ing so hard AF, it does happen to every single individual. The way we go about FSU-ing hard AF is unique to each and every person, but just know it is not sustainable.

While you are young, take advantage of the years to make mistakes, FSU so hard AF, be careless, but make sure you are always learning. This gives you the time and leverage to learn how to adult before you encountering adulting.

FSU-ing hard AF is a very self-destructive behavior and a habit to be regularly, or recreationally, engaging in. Take time to get to know yourself, so you can pinpoint areas and times when you suddenly feel an inclination to FSU hard AF, which will in turn, allow you to find other ways to replace this need to exert your stress more properly. The goal is to replace FSU-ing 2 hard AF to moderation. Most importantly, the goal should be to completely replace these FSU-ing 2 hard AF habits and actions with other positive behaviors, in which you can FSU the world all you want in a self-constructive manner.

This does not mean you are not allowed to have fun, as it is important to reconnect with that FSU hard AF side of you. However, learn to keep your visit to FSU city short. Remember, that once you turn back over to the dark side, FSU-ing hard AF does not get you very far, very many friends, very many brain cells, very much happiness, very much solitude, very much fun, and very much stability.

At some point, FSU-ing hard AF will lose its fun and become more of a habit and a problem, rather than a way of release, affecting all facets of your life negatively. Do not let it get to that point! I will admit it is hard to realize, while you are caught up in FSU-ing hard AF, how much destruction you are causing, but try to catch yourself and be aware of your actions and how others around you are reacting towards your behavior.

This message has been approved by Ai Tewahade, please FSU hard AF responsbility.


Aichan Tewahade