We All Need A Vacation



It has been a while to say the least.

I invested some time in what some would call, a spiritual vacation of the mind, body, and soul. In other words, I truly invested some blood, sweat and tears towards creating a happier, truly more peaceful version of myself. While I am still in the works of finding that permanent serenity, this whole peaceful vacation began when my phone broke, which was a blessing in disguise. I took this upon myself to recognize that there was a certain, almost disgustingly addictive, silence and freedom that came from a break from my virtual reality.

I took a break from socializing virtually, and really attempted to find some focus, happiness, stability and consistency within my concrete life. The beautiful part of this decision to part from my social media was that so much beauty came from this spiritual vacation, including a break from constantly needing to be concerned, be worried, or feel a constant pressure from social media. I truly had to a chance to be present and make this time away from technology a great time for myself.

To go on, I did not replace my phone for about three months. I truly took a vacation of my own, however, I was able to invest myself in so many other more meaningful lights that I am almost certain that if I had no gone through with this virtual vacation, things would not have turned out so great for me. This is probably because social media takes up a lot more time and is somewhat utilized as a tool in my life. I learned how unimportant social media was, but also how powerful it still is in our society, through my break from technology. A break from this world was exactly what came to me, whether I was ready to accept it or not.

I focused on REAL self-care, not just a virtual perception of self-care. I engaged in daily cardio, which my soul needed. I began picking up legitimate responsibilities in many facets of my life, and I also focused on truly making attempts to make things, and certain circumstances, better for myself, rather than just accepting mediocre standards of life. I craved more sensibility and found comfort with myself much more, which I found has been difficult, during many times of my life.

I forced myself to make commitments, and while I am still nervous about the idea of commitments to anything, I am making efforts towards attempting to accept commitments.

While so much good has come out of this time away from distractions, many days can often be difficult, tiring and still stressful for me. I have had to put in a lot of hard work, in order to receive my hard work back in many mysterious ways, but I am thankful nonetheless

In contrast to all this good news, I also reconfirmed that I am lactose intolerant. While I will not divulge too much about it now, I will be the first to let you know that making lifestyle changes, such as cutting dairy out of my daily diet, has served as difficult, as well as caused me much discomfort and bloating. I have found my stomach to be much more sensitive than I would like it to be, which has truly forced me to make changes in more ways than one.

I still love coffee, hiking, photography, social media, shopping, my loved ones, and dogs, however, I am very proud of myself and have made some newsworthy growth.

With that said, a rut and a vacation is sometimes all we need to find some god-forsaken happiness.

I still love creating, sharing, and blogging, and am hoping to invest more time and effort to creating some incredible content for this upcoming year!

Good things are coming this year! I hope the same for all.

I hope everyone has an wonderful day!


Aichan Tewahade

What Dictates Your Self-Worth?

A question I often ponder and ask my peers is, what dictates your self-worth. Is it Instagram, is it the acceptance of others, is it meeting societal stigmas?

Take a minute to ponder this question.

It’s okay if it is social media, as it is often used as an outlet to seek acceptance, find a sense of self, etc. Basing your self-worth on things such as social media is more than detrimental to your own self-image. The number of likes you receive on a photograph, post, Facebook status, or tweet are not a reflection of whether or not you are a good person. And, it most certainly should NOT dictate how much you like yourself.

As a young individual living in this technological age, I have noticed, not only within others, but myself, the value that we, as humans, have placed on our social media reputation. While it is a great outlet to feel apart of a community, and a great outlet to make friends, these technological advances have also begun having a negative affect on our society. Women and men of all ages seem to have a lack of self-love and sense of self-awareness due to the constant need to seek constant approval from things that are unsubstantial in living a life full of happiness.

Societal pressures force us to believe that in order to be accepted into our society and by our peers, we must appear perfect, and most importantly, better than others. Technology has become less of an outlet to communicate, as it has become a way for people to distract themselves from their realities.

Studies have shown that individuals often perceive other’s lives to be much more fufilling, exciting, etc. than theirs, simply based on frivolous matters that should not dictate our self-worth, and overall happiness.

Social media has become less about having fun and staying in touch with friends. It has become more about popularity, instant gratification from an excessive need to be an accepted member of society, and has become used as a way to dictate a societal hierarchy.

Self-love and self-acceptance are not found through outlets such as these. Most times, your social media is used as a way to present yourself, express yourself, however, society has placed more value on outlets such as these, in order to continue to create a divide within our society.

Unfortunately, our society bases the entirety of their self-love and self-acceptance on how much better one is than another, rather than being happy for one another and their successes.

These outlets have become more stressful than meaningful; more detrimental than helpful.

Instead of teaching self-love, we place focus on hate and bully behavior. Our standards should not be based on anything as unsubstantial, and meaningless, as social media. The power that social media has on individuals worldwide is phenomenal, and we have forgotten the basic fundamentals of life.

Getting lost in worlds seperate from our realities only distance ourselves from self-love, self-acceptance, and self-awareness.

In this beautiful world, technology has become an evil force. Do not let it dictate your life any longer, as you will soon forget the true meaning behind living life.

The more time you spend separating yourself from social media, the more you begin to realize how little they serve for your life and how disconnected you have become with not only yourself, but others.

The number of likes, followers, etc. should never dictate your self-worth. Though self-love is a rarity in this society, try to take time to appreciate the raw and real moments in your life, as they will serve more meaning to you than your next Instagram photograph. In this case, distance from these societal expectations will only make your heart grow fonder of yourself.

If you’re breaking up with anyone this year, break up with your undeniable need for social media and technology. You will notice instantly how much they serve as a burden to us, more than an assistant to us.

Get real with yourself and consume yourself with reality, not technology. Stay connected with yourself and your friends with the rawest forms of communication. A fake reality is not a happy reality.


Aichan Tewahade